Whisp - The power of Opinions

1) Please introduce yourself

Hi. My name is Wadim and I’m the initiator and one of the founders of whisp.

2) Where does the name of your startup come from?

Whisp is a platform for opinions. When we look at online opinions today, we see that most opinions are being shared on Social Networks. But unfortunately in todays social networks your opinions have no impact at all! Actually posting your opinions on SN is like whispering on a loud rock concert. Starting with this metaphor we ended up with whisp – a platform that shall give impact to your opinions.

3) What is the idea behind your startup and your vision for the future?

Whisp is a microblogging platform and is about an engaging way of expressing your opinions by using the aspect of blue and red colors. Whisp intelligently summarizes all shared opinions and creates a true user driven social search engine for real opinions on any imaginable topic.
The vision is to make whisp the best place for sharing and searching opinions.

4) Which steps have brought you to build this startup?
This is a very complex question, not easy to answer in a few words. I can say that I have always been looking for working on opinions, I don't know the reason why. I suggest you have a look at our blog, there you can get an idea about the role online opinions play.

5) What is your target-group?

At the moment we are testing different groups and checking their reaction on sharing opinions openly. We look for opinionated, passionate persons who like to share their opinions with us in a sustainable way.

6) Could you please briefly explain how your application works?

Users can share their opinions with colors. We think that colors are more then just a hue. They express a feeling and that is always important for an authentic opinion. After sharing an opinion on whisp, it is pushed into the follower or world streams. We then summarize those opinions topic wise and make them accessible via a simple search. You can even filter positive or negative opinions and see what the community thinks. Additionally whisp gives you the newest opinion trends. You should just download it and try it out!

7) Which has been the biggest challenge you have managed till now and how have you solved it?

The process of finding a kickass team was very hard. But we still managed to team up for developing of whisp. Mostly friends and family helped us out with contacts.
Another big challenge was to get the Seed financing.

8) Where do you see the role of social media in promoting your product and your startup globally?

Extremely important. By using various social media channels (for example Facebook and Twitter) we will be able to directly interact with our future users. We also noticed that mostly twitter users like whisp. So it will be important for us share the content that’s being created on whisp also on twitter.

Update summer 2015: Whisp has been discontinued in spring 2015, its founders are active in other local ventures and we are looking forward to hearing from their work once again soon

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